Tuesday, March 29, 2011

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orange-you pretty

diorcampaign Dior Spring 2011 Campaign | Karlie Kloss by Steven Meisel
Stefanel Ad Campaign Spring/Summer 2008 Shot #2

There is a certain shade of orange, almost a reddish tangerine orange, that I absolutely love, especially now that spring is here (well, playing peek-a-boo really...).  As a pop of color from a bag or shoe against earth tones and white....as a billowy blouse .... as a bright lip, like here .... I'm on the lookout .... 


Harper's Bazaar US March 2003- Frankie Rayder
Dior Spring 2011 campaign - Karlie Kloss
Elle Russia March 2011- Bar Rafaeli
Stefanel Spring/Summer ads 2008 - Gisele Bundchen

am quote - frustration

image from we heart it 

From The Daily Love:

"People who fail to achieve their goals usually get stopped by frustration. They allow frustration to keep them from taking the necessary actions that would support them in achieving their desire. You get through this roadblock by plowing through frustration, taking each setback as feedback you can learn from, and pushing ahead. I doubt you'll find many successful people who have not experienced this. All successful people learn that success is buried on the other side of frustration."

- Tony Robbins, best-selling author and peak performance coach.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

borrowing from the boys

Vogue editorial “Boy Wonders”,
 featuring model couple Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic (February 2010)

“We’ve all had that moment of looking into a closet full of clothes and finding nothing to wear. What to do? Nick something from the boyfriend’s! ‘Men’s clothes make women feel powerful and sexy – and leave a lot to the imagination,’ says model Anja Rubik, above with her beau, model Sasha Knezevic.  Here are ten sharp menswear pieces that look good (dare we say, even better) on us.  And single ladies, take heart: At least you don’t have to share.”

I would have to agree... there's nothing quite like it. 

projection - what do you see?


"The entire world is nothing but your own projection. 
It is based on your thoughts and mental attitude. If there is hell in your mind, you won't see heaven anywhere. If there is heaven in your mind, even hell will be a heaven for you." -From Enlightening Tales

image courtesy of we heart it - 
Daria Werbowy for H&M

neutral territory

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Love. Love. And Love. 

Stella McCartney 
J Crew Spring 2011
courtesy of aubrey road
courtesy of knightcat

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chanel - dashing through soho

CHANEL Fall/Winter 2005 campaign
Fall/Winter 05: Daria Werbowy - chanel photo
Chanel Fall Winter 2005 : Daria Werbowy by Karl Lagerfeld
Fall/Winter 05: Daria Werbowy - chanel photo
Fall/Winter 05: Daria Werbowy - chanel photo

These images really brightened my day.  
Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld himself. 
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