Tuesday, March 22, 2011

modern rustic

Don't you love discovering a great new website? The one I found today is called 1 Kind Design, and features beautiful interior design...The home below is a converted barn with the result being "a rustic, yet glamorous and comfortable, setting for family, friends and household pets". More below images ... 

"Marrying old with a modern aesthetic, a barn that previous owners had bought and deconstructed, has been moved from Canada to Connecticut, and then converted into a residence. This picturesque historic barn is located on an expansive estate in rural Connecticut, receiving a top to bottom renovation by New York based architecture firm Russell Groves, to provide the necessary modern amenities."

The exposed beams, wide-plank wood floors, blending old with modern, chic yet comfortable, lots of light .... beautiful. 

images and article found here 

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