Tuesday, March 15, 2011

birthday wishes

(image from Garance Dore)

To my friend L , Happy Birthday!!!!! Whenever we are together (which is much too little these days), I know that we were meant to meet and to be great friends.  I have so many good memories of us that make me smile -- just to name a few from Sunset - British accents, prank calling me for toilet paper, making me laugh so hard I had to hang up, work time margaritas.  Oh and the London trip ("mate or your sister!!?", running through Heathrow, our closet sized room packed with people, King's Cross - "go anywhere but here").  We have been through happy times and sad times together ... but always there for one another.  I see so many great things for us in the future and so many happy memories to be shared.  Hope you get to share this day with all those that you love, and we will have to have a belated celebration, soon! Thank goodness the warm weather is on it's way ... :) Love you

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