Thursday, March 10, 2011

there's no place like home

Beach in march, hipstamatic iphone app 
the bay by my house
Egypt Beach, East Hampton

While I don't see myself settling down full-time here in the Hampton's, it is a special place to me and one that I can always call home.  Having been coming out here since before I can remember, so many of my early memories revolve around summers here - the air, the light, the clear bright starry skies, hair tousled by the ocean breeze and lightened by the blazing sun, long cool nights... and simple moments like being wrapped up in a towel warmed by the sun after coming out of the ocean, resting cuddled under the shade of an umbrella,  skipping stones with my dad at the bay, strolling through town with my mom, mint chocolate chip ice cream from Scoop Du Jour,  pastries from Barefoot Contessa ... 

It began as visits to my grandma and developed into full summers after she had past, to now being out here full-time for about a year and a half.  Embracing this resort town on its off season has made me appreciate its beauty even more - the first chill to the air in fall, rows and rows of huge perfect pumpkins, open farms, cozy fires, and the little christmas tree in the middle of the pond .... 

It's a place that makes me feel connected and secure... I hope to build more of those places, and always keep coming back to this one as well...A few deep breaths of that pure ocean air, the slow pace, a sunset ... and you are sucked right in. 


  1. Remember Brownie and Blondie? My best memories of summer are always with you in East Hampton!

  2. Blondie and brownie!!! How could I forget!